"Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass." -Psalm 37:5


From the Pastor's Page (Jan 19, 2014)

Dear Friends,

Thank you for sharing in this special day of Grand Prairie Baptist Church. It has been 23 years since a few people met to have an evening Bible study and in this month decided to organize a church. Those few people did not imagine that the Lord would begin to bless that handful of people to become what we are today. Only God knows the precious souls that have been saved and the lives that have been changed because of those first few people who met that first month. The church on the corner of Beltline Road and Small Street has weathered a few storms and many more victories. Today we are making history. We can look back from eternity and rejoice that we have been used for the glory of God. The only thing that will remain after Christ returns and we stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ will be the precious souls who have believed on Him. Just think you and I have influenced many precious souls to accept Christ as their only hope of salvation. I trust all of you will stay and have dinner with us and share a piece of cake in celebration of 23 years of ministry to Grand Prairie. We are looking forward to serving the Lord until He calls us Home!

If you are visiting with us today, we are thrilled you have chosen to be our guest. Would you please fill out a visitor’s card so we may have a record of your visit? Thank you, for sharing in our services today!

Your friend,

Pastor Jody Witts
Acts 5:42